2018 scholars

Ameka Yawson


Dress by @shahedah.a.williams
Hair styled by @marasalonika
Make up by @rozthecreator 

Shoes provided by  @soledivineboutique

" As for now, I plan to go to college and  and become an O.B.G.Y.N  so I can understand this field of profession, and be able to help/ understand the needs a clinic will need."

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Custom gown by @shahedah.a.williams

Dress by @shahedah.a.williams 

This year we gifted one more Trenton High student the ultimate prom experience because of her hard work with Prom Scholar since 2017. Tasia  is a hard working student who uplifts her peers and is  our first Scholarly Honoree.   

Sunshine Rain


Custom gown by @fantabuglitz

"I want to open up a dance studio where people of all ages can go and be themselves and do what they love. Where they can express themselves through the movements of their bodies."

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Jordan Green


Jacket and trousers by @shahedah.a.williams
Tie by @thetiecartel 

 "My goal is to help improve the community and schools. I want to let people know that there are lots  of opportunities out there no matter the resources you have if you work hard and never give up you can achieve anything you put your mind to."

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Dajaia Jones


Gown by @manikinmob @reallifemanikin
Make up by @miss_oneuvakind

Shoes provided by  @soledivineboutique

"Iโ€™m very passionate about school,my family and friends. My top college choices are Kean University, Rider University and Virginia Union. Iโ€™m looking forward to working with prom scholars and having the best senior year possible."

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Stacey Monge


Hair Styled by @manelyluxe
Make up @naturalbeautymm
Dress designed by @ahlaiworld 

"Earning a higher education will help me learn valuable life skills, such as presenting my research in order to influence people, collaborating with others, and learning how to network with other influential people in different medical careers. "

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2017 scholars

Monay Green


Hair styled and provided by OmniTresses Salon Ciara Desper makeup ๐Ÿ’„by Natural Beauty Makeup
Dress by Qaysean Williams

Monay Green is a 17 year old senior at Trenton High West. Monay is a hard working active student who runs track for Trenton High. She has plans to pursue her degree in social work at North Carolina University in Greensburg. Monay is a social butterfly with a strong influence

 among her peers.

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Alea Hicks


Designer Annastacia Shahedah Williams hair provided by Poshloxhair and styled byTakiyah Fatima 

make up by Natural Beauty Makeup ๐Ÿ’„

Alea Hicks is a 17 year old senior at Trenton High West. She plans on attending Mercer community college then eventually transferring to a four year college or university. Alea has big screen dreams and is interested in pursuing acting. Alea has a bold since of style to match her personality. She views her time in Trenton NJ as a stepping stone to her bright future.

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Jefreda Presha


Dress by  Ahlai (Alyssa Mapp) 

Thank you for the hair Poshloxhair

Thank you @Taisy Parker for styling her hair so beautifully

My name is Jefreda Presha and I am a 18 year old student at Trenton High West . My dream aspirations would be to own a clothing line of my own .Once I graduate high school I will be going to Rider University to get my Bachelors in Marketing . Thanks to Prom Scholar I too want to be able to come back to Trenton and help young girls out with their fashion ideas .

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Queen Billingsley


Scholar Queen Billingsley

 hair by Takiyah Fatima makeup ๐Ÿ’„ by @Cheryl l. Carmichael-Collins @facefirst
Dress by Annastacia Shahedah Williams

Queen Blisingsley is a 17 year old senior at Trenton High West. She is very active with her extra curriculum activities and part time job. Queen is very compassionate and wants to help her community grow and influence people to achieve their dreams. Her top college choices are Howard University, Rutgers University, and Spelman College.

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2016 scholars

Petrina Dumoe


Custom dress by Shahedah Textiles
Makeup by @fellishagreen
Earrings Shop.sol
Bangle by Candy Rockz sold at Alana Ferr Atelier

โ€œI want to go to college and get my bachelors degree in nursing  and 

 thengo get my masters to be a nurse  practitioner

beacuse I really have  love and passion for thatโ€  -Petrina Dumoe

Melissa Mighty


Custom two piece  Manikin LLC

Makeup by @fellishagreen 

Earrings Shop.sol Jewlerly 

โ€œ I want to become a software developer. I just found an interest in computers....as I was growing  I became more invested in how to program and construct these computers from my experience technology is growing rapidly  and I want to grow with it.โ€ -Mellissa Migthy