our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique prom experience to high school students graduating and going to college.
 Prom Scholar not only provides a fully custom look we also aim to raise money for our scholar’s first year of college needs. The selected graduates by Prom Scholar, are measured and awarded various incentives such

as a custom made gown; professional makeup, and hair styling to participate in the high school Prom. 
We take the time to create a customized prom experience and also serve as mentors for our scholars.

About Us



Educational and career goals are very important to our program. We are currently working on granting all of our future scholars an academic scholarship. We always encourage all scholars to follow their dreams, set goals. All of our scholars are high school graduates who have furthered their education through trade school, Colleges and Universities 



Every year we spend a significant amount of time with the scholars at our annual events, like our tea party and prom dress drive. We take the time each year to develop a bond with our scholar and show them that we are here for them.



Making our scholars look and feel

 amazing is very important to our success. We provide all of our selected scholars with a full make over from head to toe. Our Scholars all receive a full customized look from a gown custom gown designed by their partnered designer. Their hair is styled professionally along with their makeup we pay for  Prom tickets along with all other prom related expenses.


Shahedah Williams


President and founder of Prom Scholar Inc.

 She is also, one of the contributing Prom

Scholar designers. Shahedah Williams

is a graduate of Moore College of Art & Design

with a Bachelors in Fashion Design with a minor in Business.

She specializes in prints and knit wear design. With

her textile background, Shahedah started her own

resort brand Shahedah Textiles and currently works 

in the corporate fashion industry. Shahedah

established Prom Scholar back in 2014 because

of her passion to create opportunities.

“I wanted to create an opportunity that would 

help and inspire the youth, whiles using my fashion 

design background, and thus Prom Scholar was born”  

-Shahedah Williams

Takiyah Henriques


Vice-President of Prom Scholar Inc.

 and also hold the position of Public Relations Director. 

With her experience  in marketing and event coordinating,

 she is helping take Prom Scholar to another level.

Takiyah is a graduate of Saint Peter’s University

with her BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology. 

Her years of experience and passion in working with youth,

particularly young females in the inner city community,

motivates her work and enthusiasm for Prom Scholar.

“No matter the circumstance or environment,

 we as women have the power to step forward and propel 

our self-image, self-love, and goals as high as we choose.” 
 -Takiyah Henriques

Qaysean Williams


 Secretary of Prom Scholar Inc.

 He is also, one of the contributing Prom

Scholar designers. Qaysean is a celebrity stylist,

the creative director and founder Manikin LLC.

Qaysean graduated with his Associates in

 Fashion Merchandising and is continuing his

education at Montclair State University.

Qaysean is a respected fashion

innovator and style influencer.

"My entire objective in life and in my career is to show 

the world that when you embrace everything 

about yourself, you then will COME TO LIFE!"

 -Qaysean Williams

Alyssa Mapp


Treasury and of Prom Scholar Inc.

 She is also, one of the contributing Prom

Scholar designers. Alyssa Mapp is an award winning

evening wear designer and was featured

as an  emerging designer in Lord and Taylor’s

“Fun” draising event back in 2014. Alyssa Mapp graduate from

Moore College of Art & Design with her bachelors in

Fashion Design and with a minor in Business.

She specializes in embellishment and intricate details by hand.

"Live for a purpose and be passionate about your goals, 

because God has plans for your future greater then you

 could ever imagine, so be the best you!!"

- Alyssa M. Mapp


Our story

  Prom Scholar was founded in 20l4 in Trenton, NJ. Initially Prom Scholar started as a crowd funding project where money was raised for two high school seniors prom need whiles attempting to raise funds for their first year of college needs. From this concept Prom scholar evolved in to a mentorship, glamourship scholarship program. We have students fill out an application to determine which potential scholars we want to interview. After the interview process the board reviews the application and interviews making sure that the selected scholar aligns with our standard requirements. Based that gathered information we determine which students are the best candidates.   The selected scholars are matched with a designer who creates a custom prom look. We utilize our network to provide the scholars with professional hairstylist , and makeup artist. Prom scholar covers the full prom expenses from, the prom tickets, to shoes and accessories.   Mentorships is a major factor in the success of Prom Scholar, each board member actively serves as mentors to the students.  We use our events to help establish a strong and bond with our scholar. Every year Prom Scholar host a prom dress and accessory drive to help other students in need in the community. Prom Scholar also hosts a brunch, where a selected panel of professionals speaks on a variety of topics that empower and uplift all who attends.     Education and future development of our scholars mater to us by the year 2018 we want to reward all of our scholars an academic scholarship to a school of their choice.   With the partnership of local businesses, fundraising and the generous donations Prom Scholar successfully provides each scholar the ultimate prom experience.