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I want to prove to the world that a middle class, immigrant who grew up in a crime-filled city, can be successful and give back to the world. My main goals are to become an orthodontist and a dance teacher. The financial benefit of being an orthodontist is that I will be able to help my church, buy my parents a house, and go on mission trips. In this position to give back, I can help disadvantaged children in other countries with dental care. This also gives me the opportunity to travel the world, a dream I have always had because I have never been able to leave the United States. I also want to become a dance teacher because dancing is my passion and I want to share that passion with others. Due to financial issues, I did not grow up with the opportunity to take dance classes at a young age, so now I am trying to catch up on all those years lost of training. My school offers dance classes so I have only been training for only three years. Since I teach dance at church, I want to study dance in college to come back and give my students a more professional dance education. Most of the dancers are young girls, so I want to give this opportunity that I did not have at a young age, to other girls in my community. Although life has not been fair to me, it should not stop me from making life fair for others.



Trenton New Jersey is a place of need, the entire world is a place of need and that is what inspires me. To give is better than to receive and I strongly believe that as a kid growing up in Trenton New Jersey I have wanted nothing more than to give because I have revived a lot. I started as a 6th grader playing clarinet then switching to saxophone, from 6th grade to 12th-grade teachers have given me so much time and effort in making me the best possible player that I can be. Due to all these teachers helping me I got so many opportunities, I became the TCHS F5 Marching Band Drum Major, I’ve played for VH1 in the Hamptons, I got to play in the American Legion Jersey Boys State band as tenor 1, I became Vice President of the TCHS Orchestra, and I even had a concert chain in Italy. I'm so grateful and humbled by these opportunities and I want other people to experience this. Now I spend my time looking for a new Drum Major, looking for new candidates to participate in the American Legion Jersey Boys State program, and trying to make a relationship between my school and my Italy director so the Trenton High can hopefully have another kid going to Italy and bringing back to the school. My entire senior year has been about giving, from helping my peers apply to college to have a school assembly where I speak to the lower classmen about passing on the torch and them being leaders one day. I had a teacher by the name of Tommy Grice and he once asked me “ What’s a blessing if you can not pass it on?”, that hit me so hard and ever since that day I have been inspired to give. As I continue to receive more blessings, I continue to pass on more blessing because at the end of the day blessings are truly worthless if you can not share it with others. I love to help people, hopefully, one day the world will be completely peaceful and if it's not me that makes that happen then I hope to pave the way for the people that come after me. I hope to one day become a music teacher or a nurse, I still have not decided but either way, as long as people need help, I’m here, ready and motivated.



I picture myself as an entrepreneurship/ executive chef owning restaurants all over the world. Having my name everywhere, being like Micheal Jackson but in the culinary world. I just want to be the most famous culinary master known to mankind. More famous and way better than Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, and Ina Garten combined in one. I want to create unbefore tasted dishes using never before seen ingredients. I want to be creating new fruits and vegetables that will benefit us the human race. I am passionate about cooking because the culinary arts is the only thing that brings me happiness besides playing chess. Ever since I got into the culinary arts it's changed me for the better.  I met my aunt's boyfriend soon to be husband in the 8 grade, he showed me the wonders of cooking as I watched him cook a fantasy feast. I wanted to be like him but be better, after that moment I started to do some research in to the culinary arts found out about all of these famous chef's like Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White, Wolfgang Puck, and also Bobby Flay, fun enough I work at one of Bobby's burger spots "Bobby's Burger Palace". In fact, every job I have so far has been in the culinary industry, as you can see the culinary arts has inference my life a great deal. 



A long term goal I have set for myself to go to Vet school and become a veterinarian. My love for animals motivates me to pursue my goal into reality. I am an honor roll student who aims to maintain a high GPA. During my junior year of high school, I invested my time into applying for colleges and I went to college fairs every opportunity I had. During this time I received five acceptance letters from HBCUs two of which offered me scholarships. Attending college will help me obtain my degree so I can pursue my careers as a Vet. In order for me to get to vet school, I have to pass my MCAT which I plan to study hard for. In addition to studying real hard, I applied to schools that have a pre-vet program to help get me into vet school.  I just want to fulfill my dreams to help animals be healthy and happy so they live a long life.



I have lots of goals. My long term goal is to be happy and wealthy. With that comes a lot of work and responsibilities! A lot of work that I’m willing to put serious elbow grease in. My whole life’s been ups and down, all through more downs than ups and I’ve managed to overcome serious trauma! I’m a very strong intelligent independent. I also have a goal to go to college and become a nurse. I want to be an RN. I take classes now for CNA and when I pass this class I can work in any hospital of my choice. I get a lot of practice and experience for working as a CNA so I won’t go into the nursing field empty minded. I am also CPR and first aid certified! What all motivates me is I have a little brother and he has no role model to look up to and I want to be his hero and his way out. I want to show him there’s so much more to life than pain. So for him and I, I will keep going and fight through any negative obstacles that stand in my way!



One of my long term goals would be to complete a achievement of becoming the best Pediatrician I could be and become a inspiring person and inspired everyone I meet. Another long term goal would be to have a financial freedom and not have to stress about the financial impact of anything. One short term goal would be to stay clear of negativity the rest of this year and learn something I never done before. Another short term goal would be to get good enough grades that allows me to promote to everyone and feel satisfied with them.


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•Must be a senior graduating
with the class of 2020

•Must be able to attend all Prom Scholar events and participate in all activities
on Prom Scholar’s agenda
(Collection gowns and suits for the drive
Attending all fundraising events like
Our Prom Scholar brunch)

•Must have plans to continue education in a College, University, or Trade school

•GPA minimum is 2.5

•Must complete application via
Parent or guardian signature required
To complete application

Available for students in Mercer County NJ
Ny Metro area, &Philadelphia, PA

ParentalCONSENT FORM is completed by clicking the "consent form" link.

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